The years of chalkboard teaching are well on their way out.

Teachers across the globe are now required to keep up and in-line with e-learning software that is changing the way children and adults learn.

By keeping up with technological advances, teachers gain the upper-hand. It helps them to adapt their teaching methods and understand their learner’s needs better.

If you’re thinking of branching off into the realm of e-learning, here’s how it could benefit your teaching career for the foreseeable future. 

E-Learning: A Fast Track to Boosting Your Teaching Career 

Whether you teach high school children, lecture young adults, or teach at a primary school level, each teacher has their own, unique style. 

Usually, a teacher should try to adjust his/her teaching style based on the needs and capabilities of their students.

In essence, an effective teacher knows how to engage both gifted and slower learners at their own different levels. 

If you’ve been using a one-sided approach that just falls short of what some of your students need, here’s how e-learning can help both you and student:

1. Build Better Connections 

Instead of the prescribed school or tertiary teaching hours, e-learning allows you to engage 24/7 with your students.

This gives you a chance to exchange resources, feedback, videos, methodologies, and advice as and when you need.

In short, this fosters an amazing student-teacher connection and helps you to better understand and engage with each student. 

2. Teaching Flexibility

Due to the sheer size and vastness of the internet and e-learning software available today, teachers have so much at their fingertips. 

From a range of videos, online texts, presentations, and quizzes, teachers are able to adapt their methods to suit an array of learning styles. This makes for flexible teaching which suits all students. 

3. Teaching Innovation 

New e-learning software and teaching technology are constantly being developed.

This means that teachers have more freedom than ever to experiment with their teaching practices.

This makes for a greater level of high-quality teaching innovation, where you’re able to adapt your methods if they don’t work.

4. Enhanced Accessibility 

No matter where you teach from or where your students are based, the internet is ”online” 24/7.

This means that you and your students are constantly accessible—you don’t have to wait until school or university hours. 

This means teachers are able to create and teach their materials according to their very own schedule, too. To add to this, teaching materials are always online and can be reviewed or accessed as many times as a student needs. 

5. Lead Your Students to All-Round Success

E-learning and online teaching platforms allow you to teach and lead your students outside the ”classroom,” too.

Essentially, you can teach your students on subjects outside of the designated curriculum if you so wish. 

6. Increased Work Efficiency

This applies to both you and your students.

Online teaching platforms allow you to give and receive feedback on teaching materials. You are able to gauge whether your students understand what you’re teaching, and if not, why. 

E-learning provides a huge range of assessment tools that increases your teaching efficiency as well as student learning efficiency. 

7. Better Teacher-Parent Communication  

With e-learning, there’s no need to schedule in a special parent-teacher meeting to discuss a student’s progress.

This can simply be done online through simple, effective communication tools such as Skype or instant messaging. 

Ultimately, this offers a greater amount of transparency between teachers and parents, which leads to better communication overall. 

8. E-Learning Saves You Time 

Time is a truly precious commodity for teachers.

Teaching online means that you can eliminate time-consuming tasks.

This could be something as simple as saving time by cutting out your commute to and from school. Instead, you can use this time productively and prepare lessons, feedback, and so much more. 

9. It’s Cost-Effective and Better for the Planet 

E-learning is cost-effective as a tutor for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you save money on fuel as you cut out the daily commute to school. You’ll also be reducing your costs in terms of classroom rental, printing costs, textbooks, and other stationery items.  

Also, your paper consumption will drastically decrease as all your teaching materials convert to electronic format. 

10. Boost Your Teaching Creativity 

With a plethora of online resources at your fingertips, you have the chance to get out of what could be a stale or old-school teaching mindset.

Using these online resources may push you out of your comfort zone, initially. But ultimately, this helps to foster a creative thinking process that could greatly benefit your students. 

11. Allows You to Critique Your Own Work 

Today’s e-learning platforms require teachers to create audio and video recordings of their teachings, which they then share with students. 

This is the perfect opportunity to listen or watch back what you’ve created.

It gives you a chance to analyse, reflect, and critique your own work and pick up flaws. You can then re-work what may not be translating well so that you’re offering the best teaching experience.

12. Observe Your Peers and Learn 

E-learning is a great place to watch and learn as an educator.

You have access to a huge platform of other educators from different schools, backgrounds, and teaching styles. 

It gives you the chance to reflect on what kind of teacher you are and take away from other teachers and their practices.

E-learning is not only a place for your students to learn, but for you as an educator, too. 

Unlimited Learning with X-Cognition 

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