Learning Shouldn’t Be Limited To The Classroom

Learn Or Teach
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime With The
X-Cognition App

Pursue Your Passions

Learn from mentors who have walked the path before you and receive one-on-one training and guidance so you can really start pursuing your passions!

always be prepared

Life is constantly throwing new obstacles and challenges our way. Whilst we may not be able to control the situation, we can prepare ourselves on how to deal with it.

earn additional income

Whether you want to increase your chances of landing that new job or promotion or you’re want to teach and earn some additional income, we’ve got you covered!

boost your development

X-Cognition is the fastest way to boost your personal and professional development with access to a huge range of subjects from teachers all of over the world!

How Can X-Cognition Help

interactive classrooms

Unlike pre-recorded online courses, our revolutionary app provides teachers and students with live, interactive classroom environments

create your own lectures

As a teacher you have the ability to break your classes down into individual lectures so students have the ability to focus on a particular topic that suites them

whiteboard & file share functionality

Our whiteboard system gives you the ability to share your ideas and create demonstrations in real-time as well as uploading course material for students

instant access to courses

Life is only limited by what you’re willing to learn! Unleash your full potential with instant access to courses in a huge range of different subjects

Want To Teach?

We welcome anybody who has proven qualifications or experience in their field! Whether you’re an existing teacher or a seasoned expert in your industry, your skills could be incredibly important for someone looking for learn!

Earn Additional Income

Wouldn’t it be nice to create an additional income on your own terms! With X-Cognition, once you’ve been accepted as a teacher, you have the ability to start earning from anywhere in the world.

Leverage Existing Skills & Knowledge

Whether you’re already a teacher or have just acquired substantial experience overtime, you can be an incredibly valuable asset to someone looking to learn.

Make An Impact

Your skills, knowledge and experience have the ability to impact the lives of students all over the world looking to learn what you know by helping them pursue their dreams and passions!

Share Your Passions With Others

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to share your passions with others looking to walk the same path!

Instant Access for Teachers & Students All Over The World

Never have to worry about language barriers again! 

Want To Learn?

Learning shouldn’t be limited to the classroom. With X-Cognition you have the ability to learn from real experts in virtually any topic who have walked the path before you! Choose from a huge range of different courses that can really help you take your life to the next level!

Learn New Skills On-Demand

Traditional education typically means following strict timetables and attending a particular location. With X-Cognition you have instant access to a range of difference courses and lectures that you can start learning anywhere, anytime.

Never Feel Underprepared

Whatever new challenges life throws your way, you’ll always feel prepared with X-Cognition and the ability to learn and up skill whenever you need to.

Find Native Speaking Teachers Across The World

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to ask a question. For non-native speakers, finding a teacher that speaks your language can really help take your learning to the next level!

Share & Interact With Others

Learning is about collaboration. With X-Cognition you have the ability to share and interact with other students to really get the most out of your education


Don’t just take our word for it! See what Students and Teachers are saying about X-Cognition

The ability to instantly access a mentor in a whole range of subjects is awesome! I can definitely see this becoming the future of learning as it grows!


Student, UK

It’s a great way of being able to earn some extra-income as a teacher but also share knowledge and experience we’ve learned with others to help them grow and thrive.


Teacher, USA

The app makes it so easy to level up in almost any area of your life. It’s so refreshing to have direct live workshop with a teacher instead of a pre-recorded online course.


Student, Australia

Why Use X-Cognition?

X-Cognition isn’t just another “app”, it’s a companion for life.

Learn New Skills

Have the ability to learn new skills on demand so you’re always prepared, no matter what life throws your way.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

With the ability to learn only the skills you desire, you can begin to create a life that’s true and meaningful to you.

Gain Valuable Knowledge

Learn from some of the leading experts and mentors in huge range of different fields and topics.

Answers to Your Questions

What is X-Cognition?

X-Cognition is a virtual learning platform that offers motivated learners access to expert educators, using practical teaching tools.

What makes it different from online courses?

Most E-Learning courses offer recycled pre-recorded courses. With X-Cognition, teachers and students have the ability to create or attend live, interactive classroom sessions to maximise effectiveness.

What platforms is it available on?

Right now we’re only available on the Apple App Store but we also have an Android version in the pipeline

Who’s it for?

Millions of people are let down every year by the conventional one-size-fits-all approach to learning. X-Cognition is perfect for anybody looking for a more tailored approach to learning to help take their life to the next level! Whether it be to secure a new promotion, get better grades at school or even pursue their dreams and passions. X-Cognition is also perfect for existing teachers or skilled individuals to start putting their skills to use and earning some extra income by becoming a teacher on the app.

How much does it cost?

The app is completely free to download and use. It functions as a marketplace for students and teachers. Teachers are able to set their own prices on lectures which encourages competitive pricing but also the ability to charge your worth.


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