Why E-Learning

Online learning isn’t the next big thing, it’s the NOW big thing

Education Isn't A One Size Fits All Approach

We believe in creating a world where anybody has the ability to learn without limitations and in a format, time and place that suites them! We also believe that teachers should have full control over their classrooms and the way they teach. That’s why we created X-Cognition

“We need to bring learning to people, instead of people to learning.” 

― Elliot Masie

Proven Change

E-Learning has already been proven to provide substantial benefits, not just to students but also to organisations and even the environment! With the ability to pair students with a teacher that suites their own personal learning styles and classrooms that allow for one-on-one mentorship and additional flexibility, it’s easy to see why E-Learning can be so powerful!


Of students stated they prefer online learning over traditional learning or view them in the same way.


Of US college students agreed that digital learning technology was helping them improve their grades.


Less energy is consumed and 85% less CO2 is generated when compared to a conventional classroom environment


Companies reported an increase in revenue after implementing e-learning practices for their staff to develop new skills


The thought of having to take an exam is usually such a stressful experience. Having the ability to access one-on-one learning like this, anywhere anytime and ask direct questions if I don’t understand something definitely makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I feel like I can be prepared for anything now!

Tamim Shaharia


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