Whether you’re already a teacher looking for some additional income, or you’re just looking to put your skills to good use, our teaching app has you covered

“Those who know, do.
Those that understand, teach.” 

― Aristotle

Start Earning Extra Income Straight From Your Phone

We believe teachers should be able to decide their own worth. That’s why with X-Cognition, you can set all of your own prices. List your skills in a marketplace and be found be students who are wanting to learn what you have to teach.

Put All That Knowledge To Good Use

Whether you’re already teaching a certain subject or maybe you just have skills you’ve developed over a number of years, the power of passing that knowledge onto others can be incredibly rewarding as well as opening up new opportunities for your future career.

How It Works For Teachers

As a teacher with X-Cognition you have the ability to interact with and teach a classroom like never before. Our app includes live chat and video functionality as well as the ability to upload files, present, and even draw on a virtual whiteboard. Teaching has never been this easy!

Apply To Teach

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